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Where Business Meets Innovation: Cowrks Nationwide

The Client


The Challenge

In the dynamic landscape of business, Cowrks faced a challenge in effectively showcasing the unique features of its large-format co-working spaces. The task was to create visually appealing sell sheets that not only highlighted the facilities but also integrated master key plans and architectural elements. Achieving uniformity across 18 nationwide workspaces while staying true to the Cowrks brand identity posed a significant obstacle.

The Solution

In collaboration with Cowrks, we undertook a creative approach to address this challenge. Understanding the needs and studying the customer base, we developed a master template with stringent guidelines to ensure consistency across all sell sheets. Over 60 customised sell sheets were meticulously crafted, presenting Cowrks' facilities and services in a visually engaging manner. This comprehensive strategy empowered the sales team to effectively communicate value to potential customers, resulting in a seamless customer journey. The end result was a strengthened market position for Cowrks, with improved conversion rates and sustained business growth. Our design consultancy played a pivotal role in revolutionising Cowrks' workspace experience, setting them apart in a competitive market.

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