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Transforming Forever New's Indian Retail Experience with Creative Brilliance

The Client

Forever New

The Challenge

Forever New, a renowned Australian brand venturing into the Indian fashion apparel space, faced a significant hurdle in adapting its global identity to resonate with the local market. Balancing the brand's luxurious and professional image with the essence of Indian fashion culture was a complex challenge. This required localising the brand identity across 35+ stores while adhering to existing brand guidelines, a task that demanded precision and creativity.

The Solution

Reflecting to Forever New's challenge, we brought forth an innovative approach, immersing themselves in the brand's vision and values. Leveraging their diverse creative industry expertise, the team devised a comprehensive design strategy spanning signages, visual communications, and marketing materials. The collaborative process seamlessly bridged the gap between international luxury and Indian fashion sensibilities. The meticulous execution of this strategy in all 35+ stores across India resulted in exceptional outcomes. The design adaptation not only flawlessly embodied Indian fashion culture but also stayed true to Forever New's ethos, significantly enhancing brand presence and customer engagement. Forever New's successful journey in the Indian fashion apparel space, in collaboration with PEPERSALT Design, stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of global luxury and local aesthetics, leaving an enduring impact on the Indian market.

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