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Where Creative Strategy Meets Flavorful Traditional Foods



Our Role:

Visual Brand Strategy, Packaging Design, Marketing Communication

Swaadish, a renowned food producer and manufacturer based in Bangalore, specializes in crafting traditional flatbread known as Thepla. Their scrumptious Theplas are made from whole wheat flour, dried fenugreek leaves (Methi), and an array of aromatic spices, available in four delectable flavors. Targeting health-conscious individuals and women, Swaadish aims to deliver the delightful taste of tradition right to their customers' plates.

As a creative consultant for Swaadish, our primary challenge was to develop a visual brand strategy that effectively communicated the essence of their Theplas while capturing the attention of the target audience. We needed to strike a balance between tradition and modernity, making sure the packaging and marketing communication resonated with both old and new customers.

Drawing inspiration from Swaadish's name itself - a fusion of "Swaad" (flavor, taste, pleasant) and "DISH" (a particular way of preparing food) - we devised a powerful branding solution. The logo, reminiscent of Indian floral patterns, features four petals, symbolizing the diversity of flavors offered. The packaging design incorporates the traditional logo as a captivating pattern, with the final product displayed prominently in the foreground, tempting customers with its visual appeal.

The visual identity we crafted for Swaadish has been an overwhelming success. The combination of traditional aesthetics with a modern touch resonates with consumers seeking both authenticity and convenience. Their sales have surged, and the brand has garnered significant attention on social media and in local markets.

Through our creative consultancy, we successfully positioned Swaadish as the go-to brand for flavor-packed, healthy Theplas. By striking the right chord with their target audience, we reinforced their status as a premium food producer in Bangalore. Swaadish continues to delight taste buds while staying true to their heritage, making their brand synonymous with delightful and wholesome culinary experiences.

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