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Relaxology - Serenity in Style: How Relaxology Redefined NYC's Bedding Market.

The Client

Tramar Global LLC

The Challenge

Embarking on an international endeavor with Tramar Global LLC to introduce Relaxology, a premium wellness bedding brand nestled in the cosmopolitan landscape of New York City, presented us with a distinctive creative challenge. Our mission was to redefine the visual brand strategy and identity for three interconnected brands—Relaxology, Cannabedding, and Thymol. The complexity arose from the need to craft a seamless yet distinct global identity for these brands under one umbrella. The primary challenge was to infuse Relaxology with a sense of timeless luxury, represented by a midnight blue color palette, while ensuring Cannabedding and Thymol had their unique identities using pale turquoise and pale purple as secondary primary colors. Choosing fonts that harmonized elegance with versatility was of utmost importance, underscoring the international nature of this multifaceted project.

The Solution

Accordingly to the international scope of the project, we devised a creative solution rooted in a holistic approach. We integrated the calming symbolism of leaves as core visual elements for all three brands, transcending geographical boundaries. Relaxology embraced a luxurious visual brand, packaging, and marketing materials in midnight blue, while Cannabedding and Thymol were distinguished through the use of pale turquoise and pale purple, offering captivating global visual experiences. To maintain unity, we carefully selected a harmonious blend of san serif and serif fonts, ensuring a balanced typographic identity across all brands. The results were not only remarkable but also internationally resonant, as Relaxology gained recognition among wellness enthusiasts worldwide, and Cannabedding and Thymol secured unique positions in diverse markets. This creative strategy successfully redefined the luxury wellness bedding industry on a global scale, establishing Relaxology, Cannabedding, and Thymol as symbols of elegance and tranquility in the competitive world of international wellness branding.

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