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Redefining Traditions, Sparkling Anew

The Client

Tholasi Jewels

The Challenge

Tholasi Jewelry, rooted in a legacy dating back to 1944, found itself facing a unique challenge in the contemporary jewelry market. While its craftsmanship was undoubtedly exquisite, the brand struggled to seamlessly blend its rich tradition with the demands of modernity. In a fiercely competitive market, Tholasi Jewelry needed to transcend being perceived as a relic of the past and instead emerge as a timeless icon. The intricate brand mark, featuring mirrored peacocks and a diamond shape, symbolizing legacy, posed a visual complexity that needed simplification for the discerning taste of modern consumers.

The Solution

Jointly with Tholasi Jewelry, we took a bold and creative approach to address the challenge and opted for a natural and simple tone, infusing the brand with regal Magenta and Dark Purple hues. Striking a balance between tradition and modernity, we streamlined the brand mark, featuring two mirrored peacocks, into a more contemporary and clean design. Adopting a primary serif font paired with a secondary sans-serif font, the visual identity underwent a transformation. This evolution extended beyond aesthetics to encompass a comprehensive visual brand strategy, including new brand guidelines and standardised elements from brand communication, packaging to store graphics. Tholasi Jewelry's façade, both internal and external, became a harmonious reflection of its storied heritage.

The result was a seamless blend of heritage and modernity. Tholasi Jewelry now stands out prominently among its competitors, attracting the attention of a new generation while retaining its loyal clientele. The brand communicates its essence with clarity and elegance, showcasing a visual identity that resonates with both tradition and contemporary sensibilities. In the world of jewelry, where tradition and innovation intersect, Tholasi Jewelry has not just embraced its heritage but has also emerged as a contemporary icon, crafting enduring relationships through its timeless designs.

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