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Nutritious & Fiber-Rich Food for Healthy Living

The Client


The Challenge

Dhanya, a leading Millet Producer and Millet Batter Manufacturer in Bangalore, faced distinctive challenges in establishing their brand. Firstly, effectively communicating the health benefits of millets to a target audience, particularly women and health-conscious individuals, proved to be a hurdle. Secondly, the need to differentiate Dhanya from market competitors presented a significant obstacle. Lastly, crafting packaging that conveyed natural simplicity while remaining visually appealing posed a creative challenge.

The Solution

To address these challenges, PEPERSALT implemented a comprehensive strategy. We conceptualised a visually striking identity, featuring a radiant green hexagon-shaped box symbolising growth and sustainability. The bold black font of the logo, positioned within the box, established a robust brand presence. Using a modern and approachable primary display font, complemented by a secondary San Serif font, we created a cohesive and distinctive visual identity. The result was a successful transformation for Dhanya, positioning them as a key player offering nutritious and fiber-balanced millet-based food options. The packaging design effectively conveys the natural goodness of the products, resonating with the preferences of the target audience. Through strategic marketing and communication across both print and digital channels, Dhanya's message reached its intended audience, marking a transformative journey for the brand in the market.

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