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Quenching Thirst, Winning Hearts, A Fruitful Collaboration



Our Role:

FRUTON, a mango juice beverages brand, approached us for assistance in enhancing their visual branding and packaging. PEPERSALT Design conducted a thorough market study, including competitor analysis and business evaluation, to develop a solution that had the potential to stand alongside national brands on retail store shelves. This case study explores the collaboration between FRUTON and PEPERSALT Design to create a compelling brand extension.


FRUTON faced the challenge of establishing a strong brand identity that could compete with established national brands in the mango juice beverages market. The key hurdles included differentiating FRUTON from competitors, creating an appealing packaging design, and ensuring the brand's presence on retail shelves.

PEPERSALT Design collaborated closely with the FRUTON team to address the challenges and devise a comprehensive solution. Through the market study and competitor analysis, PEPERSALT Design gained valuable insights into the industry landscape. Leveraging this knowledge, the design team developed a unique and captivating brand identity that set FRUTON apart. They created a visually appealing packaging design that would catch the attention of consumers and position FRUTON as a high-quality mango juice brand. Furthermore, we worked on establishing brand guidelines, ensuring consistency across all touch-points and enhancing FRUTON's shelf presence.

The collaboration between PEPERSALT Design and FRUTON resulted in a successful brand extension, providing the desired outcomes. The market study and competitor analysis informed the development of a brand identity that resonated with the target audience. The appealing packaging design helped FRUTON products stand out on retail shelves, attracting consumers and driving sales. The establishment of brand guidelines ensured consistency in visual communications, further strengthening FRUTON's brand presence. As a result, FRUTON positioned itself as a competitive player alongside national brands, gaining market share and business success.

The collaboration between PEPERSALT Design and FRUTON showcases the importance of a well-executed brand extension strategy. By conducting a thorough market study, understanding the competition, and developing a unique brand identity and packaging design, FRUTON was able to differentiate itself in the mango juice beverages market. The successful implementation of brand guidelines and consistent visual communications further reinforced FRUTON's brand presence. Ultimately, FRUTON's collaboration with PEPERSALT Design led to increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and business growth.

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