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Nutritious & Fiber-Rich Food for Healthy Living



Our Role:

In the thriving sector of millet cereal crops, we had the privilege of collaborating with Dhanya, a renowned Food Producer and Batter Manufacturer based in Bangalore. Dhanya's dedication to providing high-quality, fiber-rich food products has made them a key player in the industry. As their creative consultants, our mission was to craft a Visual Brand Strategy that aligns perfectly with their ethos.


Our team faced several challenges in this creative venture. Firstly, we had to communicate the immense health benefits of millets effectively to the target audience, especially women and health-conscious individuals. Secondly, we needed to distinguish Dhanya from competitors in the market. Finally, the packaging design needed to evoke a sense of natural simplicity while still being visually appealing.

To address these challenges, we devised a comprehensive approach. We created a striking visual identity centered around a radiant green hexagon-shaped box, which symbolizes growth and sustainability. The logo, with "Dhanya" in bold black font within the box, establishes a strong brand presence. The primary display font exudes a modern and approachable tone, while the secondary San Serif font complements it perfectly.

The result of our collaboration was a resounding success. Dhanya's brand now stands as a beacon of nutritious and fiber-balanced millet-based food options. The packaging design conveys the natural goodness of the products and speaks directly to the target audience's preferences. Through meticulous marketing and brand communication strategies for both print and digital channels, we ensured Dhanya's message reached the right audience at the right time.

The journey of working with Dhanya was a gratifying experience for our creative consultancy. Witnessing the transformation of a brand that champions health and sustainability was truly rewarding. By highlighting the numerous health benefits and unique qualities of their millet products, we were able to create a lasting impact in the market.

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