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Crafting Times Corner's Elegance

The Client

Times Corner

The Challenge

Times Corner, a multi-brand luxury retail store, was facing the challenge of maintaining a consistent and upscale brand image across various touchpoints. The existing design lacked cohesion, making it difficult to establish a strong visual identity that resonated with the target audience. The absence of a unified design language hindered the creation of a high-quality shopping experience for the affluent 20-60-year-old consumer demographic.

The Solution

In response to the challenge, we implemented a comprehensive and scalable design solution for Times Corner. We seamlessly integrated visual elements across multiple facets, including communications, facade, brand activation communication, and promotional kits. The result was an authentic and cohesive design language that elevated the overall brand experience. By focusing on the desires of the target demographic, we successfully delivered a visually striking and upscale brand presentation, catering to the sophisticated taste of the luxury retail market.

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