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Where Creative Strategy Meets Flavourful Traditional Foods

The Client


The Challenge

Swaadish, a prominent food producer based in Bangalore, faced the challenge of establishing a compelling visual brand strategy for their traditional flatbread, Thepla. Crafting a balance between tradition and modernity was crucial to captivate both their existing customer base and new, health-conscious individuals.

The Solution

As a reaction to Swaadish's challenge, we conceptualized a visually striking branding solution. Drawing inspiration from their name, we designed a logo featuring four petals, symbolising the diverse flavors of Thepla. The packaging incorporated this traditional floral pattern, placing the product front and center. This fusion of traditional aesthetics with modern design successfully resonated with consumers seeking both authenticity and convenience. The result? Swaadish witnessed a surge in sales, gained attention on social media, and solidified its position as a premium food producer in Bangalore. The brand now stands synonymous with delightful and wholesome culinary experiences.

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