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Innovative Shuttle Service Strategy for Park Square Mall

The Client


The Challenge

Ascendas Park Square Mall faced a significant challenge in addressing the commuting issues of professionals working in the bustling business spaces of Bangalore. The gap between their workspace and the mall needed a creative solution to enhance connectivity and communication, particularly regarding the shuttle service.

The Solution

Working in tandem with us, Park Square Mall's marketing team crafted a comprehensive brand activation strategy to transform the shuttle services. This innovative approach included visually striking branding, strategic signage, engaging digital marketing campaigns, and collaborative events, all focused on highlighting the convenience and efficiency of the shuttle service.

The result was a noticeable increase in awareness, improved utilisation, and enhanced connectivity between the business spaces and the mall. Professionals eagerly embraced this stress-free commuting option, leading to a significant rise in footfall and increased customer satisfaction for Park Square Mall.

This successful collaboration showcased the mall's commitment to providing sustainable solutions through innovative design and marketing, establishing Park Square Mall as a leader in the industry, offering convenience and satisfaction to its target audience.

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