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Forever New

Transforming Forever New's Indian Retail Experience with Creative Brilliance


Forever New

Our Role:

Forever New, the iconic Australian brand, embarked on a remarkable journey into the Indian fashion apparel space, seeking to merge international luxury with aesthetics. To achieve this, they partnered with PEPERSALT Design, setting the stage for an inspiring creative collaboration.

Retail, Apparel

Adapting the brand's global identity to the Indian market presented a unique set of challenges. Forever New needed to retain its luxurious and professional image while reflecting the essence of Indian fashion culture. This meant localising their brand identity and ensuring consistency across 35+ stores, all while adhering to existing brand guidelines.

PEPERSALT Design stepped in with an innovative approach, immersing themselves in Forever New's vision and values. By harnessing their diverse creative industry expertise, they crafted a comprehensive design strategy. This strategy spanned signages, visual communications, and marketing materials, involving a collaborative process that bridged the gap between international luxury and Indian fashion sensibilities.

The results were exceptional. The design adaptation project, meticulously executed in all 35+ Forever New stores across India, resonated with customers. It flawlessly embodied Indian fashion culture while staying true to the brand's ethos, enhancing brand presence and customer engagement.

Forever New's journey in the Indian fashion apparel space, in partnership with PEPERSALT Design, is a testament to the successful fusion of global luxury and local aesthetics. This creative endeavour not only conquered the challenge of design adaptation but also left an indelible mark on Indian fashion enthusiasts' hearts and wardrobes. Forever New now stands as a beacon of successful design innovation and cultural fusion, leaving a lasting legacy in the Indian market.

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