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CoffeeDay Express: A Cohesive Brand Transformation Journey

The Client

Coffee Day

The Challenge

In the dynamic world of food and beverages, CoffeeDay Express faced the daunting task of unifying its brand identity across 90+ outlets scattered across India. The challenge lay in harmonising diverse elements such as logos, packaging, menu cards, uniforms, wall graphics, marketing materials, product visuals, and brand guidelines, all while preserving the distinctive essence of each location.

The Solution

We met this challenge with a collaborative and creative approach, meticulously fashioning an adaptable yet consistent brand identity. Our team, intimately familiar with the brand's nuances, worked tirelessly to create designs that would provide a cohesive visual experience in every CoffeeDay Express outlet. By sticking to brand guidelines and customising designs to suit local flavors, we achieved a seamless and uniform brand presence. The successful transformation not only respects the unique identity of each outlet but also amplifies customer engagement, contributing to CoffeeDay Express's triumph nationwide. This collaboration exemplifies the art of executing a well-balanced brand extension, where creativity and precision converge for sustained business success.

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