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A Guilty Delight: Crafting Gooeylty's Visual Branding & Packaging

The Client


The Challenge

Gooeylty Brownie, a budding cloud kitchen startup in Bangalore, encountered the formidable obstacle of distinguishing itself amid a sea of competitors. In this saturated market, the challenge lay in crafting a branding strategy that would effectively convey their unique selling proposition and values to the discerning target audience.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge head-on, PEPERSALT undertook comprehensive market research and competitor analysis, culminating in the birth of the brand name "Gooeylty." This clever wordplay, blending "gooey" and "quality," perfectly encapsulates the irresistible, indulgent essence of Gooeylty Brownie's artisanal treats. PEPERSALT's design prowess came into play with a visually captivating brand identity, featuring playful hand-drawn typography and incorporating delightful brownie elements. The packaging, a crucial touchpoint with customers, was meticulously designed to showcase vibrant colors and a playful tagline, reinforcing Gooeylty Brownie's commitment to quality and the joy of indulgence.

Thanks to this thoughtful and creative branding strategy, Gooeylty Brownie successfully carved a niche for itself in the competitive cloud kitchen market. The harmonious blend of brand name, visual identity, and packaging establishes a strong, consistent presence that resonates with the target audience. Through this collaboration, Gooeylty Brownie has become the preferred destination for customers seeking the ultimate guilt-inducing brownie experience, delighting taste buds with a perfect blend of quality ingredients, craftsmanship, and heavenly flavors, all conveniently delivered to their doorsteps.

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