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Serenity in Style: How Relaxology Redefined NYC's Bedding Market.


Tramar Global LLC

Our Role:

Working with Relaxology, a leading wellness bedding brand in the heart of New York City, was a creative journey we embarked on with enthusiasm. The task at hand was to redefine their visual brand strategy and identity, encompassing Relaxology itself, as well as its secondary brands, Cannabedding and Thymol. Our guiding idea was to draw inspiration from the calming symbolism of leaves, instilling a sense of tranquility.

Wellness, Retail

The challenge lay in creating a seamless yet distinct visual identity for three brands under one umbrella. Relaxology, the primary brand, needed to emanate timeless luxury, represented by the midnight blue color palette. Meanwhile, Cannabedding and Thymol required their own unique identities, using pale turquoise and pale purple as secondary primary colors. Choosing fonts that balanced elegance with versatility was crucial.

We integrated leaves as core visual elements for all three brands. Relaxology emerged with a luxurious visual brand, packaging, and marketing materials in midnight blue. Cannabedding and Thymol were differentiated through pale turquoise and pale purple, offering captivating visual experiences. The harmony of san serif and serif fonts created a balanced typographic identity.

The results were astounding. Relaxology gained recognition among wellness enthusiasts, while Cannabedding and Thymol secured their distinctive positions in the market. The visual elements and sophisticated typography heightened product appeal, extending beyond branding to marketing materials, editorial campaigns, and a captivating website.

Our creative strategy redefined the luxury wellness bedding industry, showcasing the power of design and collaboration. Relaxology, Cannabedding, and Thymol now stand as symbols of elegance and tranquility. In the competitive world of wellness bedding, we successfully crafted a holistic brand experience that captivated and engaged the target audience of men, women, and health-conscious individuals. Relaxology, a name synonymous with luxury and serenity, continues to lead in this evolving sector.

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