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A Guilty Delight: Crafting Gooeylty's Visual Branding & Packaging



Our Role:

At PEPERSALT Design, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Gooeylty Brownie, a cloud kitchen startup based in Bangalore. Our goal was to assist them in establishing a strong online presence and differentiating themselves in the competitive dessert industry. Gooeylty Brownie specialises in crafting mouthwatering artisanal brownies using the finest ingredients. This case study showcases our branding and packaging strategy that successfully helped Gooeylty Brownie become a go-to destination for a deliciously guilty cloud kitchen experience.


Gooeylty Brownie faced the challenge of standing out among numerous competitors in the cloud kitchen market. We needed to develop a compelling branding strategy that effectively communicated their unique selling proposition and values to the target audience.

As a new entrant, Gooeylty Brownie aimed to build a loyal customer base. Our task was to create a brand identity that resonated with the audience and fostered a strong emotional connection.

Through extensive market research and competitor analysis, we developed a naming strategy that captured the essence of the brand. "Gooeylty" was created, a playful wordplay combining "gooey" and "quality" to represent the irresistible, indulgent nature of their brownies. The name is memorable, easy to recall, and conveys the commitment to using high-quality ingredients.

PEPERSALT Design skill-fully crafted a visually captivating brand identity that deeply resonates with the target audience. The logo showcases a playful, hand-drawn typography, where the word "Gooeylty" is creatively rendered to exude a tantalising and mouthwatering feel. The incorporation of delightful brownie elements into the design effectively evokes the irresistible and guilty pleasure associated with Gooeylty Brownie's products.

Recognizing the importance of packaging as the first point of contact with customers, PS Design developed eye-catching and memorable packaging. Gooeylty Brownie's boxes feature vibrant colours, reflecting the indulgence and decadence of their treats. The playful tagline reinforces their commitment to quality and crafting the perfect gooey brownie.

Thanks to our well-executed branding strategy, Gooeylty Brownie successfully differentiated itself in the competitive cloud kitchen market. The brand name, visual identity, and packaging work harmoniously to create a strong and consistent brand presence that resonates with the target audience. By prioritising quality, indulgence, and a touch of fun, Gooeylty Brownie has become the go-to destination for customers seeking the ultimate brownie experience.

Through PS Design's approach of conceptualisation and ideation, Gooeylty Brownie has been able to serve its freshly baked, natural, and irresistibly delicious brownies online. Our brand strategy has effectively communicated their values and unique selling proposition, resulting in a loyal customer base. With Gooeylty, customers can guiltily indulge in the perfect blend of quality ingredients, craftsmanship, and heavenly flavours, all conveniently delivered straight to their doorsteps.

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