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CoffeeDay Express

CoffeeDay Express: A Cohesive Brand Transformation Journey


Coffee Day

Our Role:

In the bustling world of food and beverages, CoffeeDay Express shines as a renowned on-the-go coffee and snacking haven, delighting working men, women, and teens across India. This case study unveils the transformative collaboration between PEPERSALT Design and CoffeeDay Express to ensure that the brand's unique identity resonates consistently across its 90+ outlets nationwide.

Beverages, Food

CoffeeDay Express faced the formidable task of harmonizing its brand identity, encompassing logo, packaging, menu cards, uniform design, wall graphics, marketing materials, product visuals, and brand guidelines, while respecting the distinct flavor of each location.

PEPERSALT Design embraced a collaborative approach, meticulously crafting an adaptable yet uniform brand identity. Our creative team, with a profound understanding of the brand's nuances, worked tirelessly to ensure a cohesive visual experience in every CoffeeDay Express outlet.

The result? A triumphant brand extension! By adhering to brand guidelines and adapting designs to suit local needs, CoffeeDay Express now boasts a consistent and seamless brand presence. This successful transformation fosters customer engagement, furthering the brand's triumph across the nation.

The CoffeeDay Express and PEPERSALT Design collaboration exemplifies the art of a well-executed brand extension. A harmonious blend of creativity and precision, this journey underscores the importance of maintaining brand integrity while embracing uniqueness – a recipe for business success.

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